How much does it cost? See our Rates.
What are your hours? See our Hours.

Once I pay admission, how long can I climb? Until we close that evening.

Once I pay admission, can I leave and come back on the same day? Yes. Have a staff member sign you out at the front desk.

I'm a beginner. Where do I start? We teach you basic climbing safety skills during your first visit, like harness fitting, rope tie-in, top-rope belaying and bouldering safety. Our staff also explain basic climbing techniques and the difficulty rating system. We highly recommend our Explore Climbing class for a great introduction and real value.

How old do I need to be to climb unsupervised at The Quarry?  Anyone under the age of 16 needs adult supervision at The Quarry with the exception of those who have completed the Youth Certification Program (YCP).

How old must you be to belay (hold the rope for a climber)? Anyone 16 or older may belay for others 16 or older. In order to belay for younger climbers, you must be 18 or older. If you are age 12-15 and are ready for belay responsibility, you can complete the Youth Certification Program (YCP) and we will treat you as though you are 16. YCP climbers may also belay for other YCP climbers. They may also climb in our gym without adult supervision. See our Classes.

I don't know how to belay, will there be someone to belay for me? No. We don't keep belayers on staff for you. However, we will teach you how to belay in 15-20 minutes (or you may also bring a belayer) at no charge. We charge admission only for climbing, none for belaying.

I am climbing by myself. Do I need a partner? No partner is needed if you are bouldering, but we STRONGLY recommend using a spotter. You MUST have a partner for any roped climbing. You can often find a partner by asking around in the bouldering area. Roughly 70%  of our members climb with friends they made in the gym. You can also bring a friend to belay for you. If your friend is only belaying, they will need a harness rental, and we'll certify them to belay in our gym.

Do you provide the equipment I need? Yes. We rent everything you need, but you may also use your own equipment.

Do you rent harnesses and shoes for outdoor use? No. Harnesses are lifesaving equipment, and the inability to monitor outdoor usage of such equipment creates a liability.  Mountainworks (801-371-0223, next door) rents shoes for outdoor climbing.
Do I have to rent shoes? No. You may wear your own shoes. Snug fitting athletic shoes work best. You may not climb in socks or bare feet. Safety and hygiene requires ALL climbers to wear closed-toe shoes any time they get on the wall.  

How old does my child have to be in order to climb? We allow any age. The ability to climb is personally driven. We've seen 3-year olds climb to the top.

What are the benefits of becoming a Quarry member? Unlimited climbing, Free Friend Friday (bring a friend for free), Guest Pass (one guest pass/member/month), Free Yoga.

How much does it cost to be a member? See our Membership Rates.

What if I have billing questions? E-mail us here.

Can I bring a group to climb? Yes. All groups are welcome. (i.e. corporate team building, school groups, birthday parties, young men/women, Boy Scouts). Let us provide your group with a fun, exciting climbing event.  No previous experience is required and we provide all necessary climbing gear! See our Group Rates.