EXPLORE Climbing

No experience? No problem! - Take our EXPLORE climbing class. Receive 3 hours of private instruction and a FREE 30-day trial membership. Upon completion, if you buy a membership we'll waive the enrollment fee. $225 value! Only $99/person in a private class, $59/person in a class of two or more. INFO / BUY

Lead Climbing

Climb Free! Learn to Lead. Two action-packed 2-hour classes. Learn to clip, climb, and fall safely. Includes lead climbing certification. Learning to LEAD BELAY is worth the cost alone. Greatness begins here. Only $99 per person or $59 each for two or more. INFO / BUY

Climbing Merit Badge

Climb On! - Our staff ensures each scout satisfies all the requirements. Class involves two, 2-hour sessions, with a BSA certified merit badge counselor. Our goal: to teach scouts to be safe, responsible climbers, have fun, and enjoy climbing. $30 per scout (5 scout minimum). INFO / BUY

Personal Training

Climb Harder! Climb with a coach. Learn new skills. Train for a comp, a redpoint, or whatever YOU want. Achieve a personal breakthrough in your climbing performance. Two 2-hour blocks (by appointment only). $99 per person or $59 each for semi-private. INFO / BUY

Youth Certification Program

Are you 12-15 and sick of being treated like a kid? - Get youth certified to climb at The Quarry without adult supervision, belay other youth certified climbers and anyone 16 and older, and join the ranks of adulthood for just $29 (1-hour class by appointment only). INFO / BUY

UVU Climbing Classes

Get college credit to climb? Sweet! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, you will learn. Experienced? Take the advanced class to perfect your skills. Class tuition includes a membership to use anytime that block at The Quarry. Contact UVU for INFO / BUY

Youth Climbing Programs

The Quarry Climbing Teams are for kids 6-19 to learn new skills or improve what they know. They can climb to compete or just for fun and fitness.

Base Camp ages 6-12 meets Tuesday or Wednesday 4-6pm. Only $49 a month.

The Club (ages 8-13) and Rec. Team (ages 14-18) meet Mon/Wed, 4-6:00pm. The Team meets Tues/Thur, 4-6:30pm and Sat 9-11am. Only $135 a month (free membership). INFO / BUY

Base Camp

Base Camp is for all kids 7-12. These campers meet in either our Tuesday or Wednesday class from 4-6pm. Ideal for all kids just starting out in climbing, helping them to build confidence and focus while getting fit and having fun. Affordably priced at only $49 a month. INFO / BUY

Summer Kids' Camp

Happy Campers= Happy Parents. Five fun-filled days of 4-hour blocks. Kids learn to climb. Parents get a break. Every day is new and exciting; slack line, rope bridge, KING SWING! Ages 6-12, M-F, June-August. Includes lunch! Only $139 per child ($99 for each additional camp). Register here! INFO / BUY